25 things I've learned in 25 years.

1. Broken bones heal faster than broken hearts(but they heal)

2. Laughter is the best medicine. Learn to laugh at yourself.

3. Schedule your time. Time is precious.

4. Allow yourself to live in the moment.

5. You’re parents are you’re allies.Trust them.

6. Friends come and go.

7. Shut out the world, put in your headphones.

8. Find something you love, and be your best at it.

9. School is important, don’t drop out.

10. Being an adult and broke is the worst thing that can happen to you. Save, save, save!

11. You’ll get rejected. & you’ll survive.

12. Honesty is the best policy.

13. A boy will break your heart & the next girl he dates will be prettier than you... It will suck but you'll be OK. 

14. Strive to be healthy, not skinny.

15. Don’t be afraid to meet new people.

16. Go on vacation.

17. Take a day to sit and read a book.

18. Guard your heart.

19. ↑Stand↑ up for what is right, not popular.

20. People are going through more than you realize, so be kind.

21.Learn to pray. Prayer will get you through everything.

22. Don’t burn those bridges. You might need them to cross one day.

23. Love God. Love People. Love yourself.

24. You won’t have it figured out yet.

25. Don't stress about it, it will happen when it happens.


O Romeo..

 "O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?"
- Shakespeare  

Blouse: Winners
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Present
Baby: Ruben & Cindy Alvarez 

I wonder where you are, 
and who you’re with. 
I wonder what you do, 
and what your hobbies are.
I wonder what makes you laugh, 
and what makes you mad. 
I wonder what makes you happy, 
and what makes you sad. 
I wonder if you like to read, 
and if so, what your favourite book is. 
I wonder if you’ve had a good day, 
and whether you have plans for tonight. 
I wonder if you’re happy right now, 
or if there is something missing. 

I wonder about your heart, 
and what it would take to make it skip a beat. 
I wonder about your eyes, 
and their colour. 
I wonder about your smile, 
and what it will take to put one on your face. 
I wonder about your laugh, 
is it normal or wildly weird.
I wonder about your mind, 
and whether it will challenge me. 
I wonder about your interests, 
and whether they will line up with mine. 
I wonder about your fears, 
and how they will compare to mine. 

I wonder about your dreams, 
and if they will line up with mine.
I wonder about your secret quirks, 
and if you’ll like mine.
I wonder about your job, 
and whether you’re doing what you love.
I wonder if you’re waiting for me, 
and if you’re wondering about where I am.
I wonder where you are, 
and where you’ve been.
I wonder where we’ll go,
and where we’ll settle down. 
I wonder how long it will take to find you …
and I wonder who you are.



What's the deal? (ootd)

“No matter how plain a woman may be, if

 truth and honesty are written across her 

face, she will be beautiful.” 

Crop top: Winners
Skirt: Reitmans
Shoes: The Shoe Company 

Tell me world, what's the deal? 

I dropped my phone in my bowl of cereal today. I managed to scoop it out in time but it appears like I won't be able to make phone calls without headphones. 

I guess it's time for a new phone. I've had my iPhone 4s for about 3 years. I have loved it. But now, (even before the milk damage) it dies super fast and I am constantly deleting things off it cause my memory is almost all used. 

I am not entirely sure I want to upgrade to a new iPhone but than again.. It would be so much easier to switch over to a phone I already know how to use. I am not.. And I mean NOT very tech savvy. 

What do you suggest? Should I venture out and try something new or is upgrading the best thing for me. Keep in mind, I have an iPad and I love the fact that I can just sync both of them up. But I hate the battery life on my phone and the fact that it heats up pretty bad. 

All in all.. I probably should have purchased a new phone months ago.. But .. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. 

Maybe the world is telling me, "it is time!" 



Mad About Plaid & The Future.

A man’s heart plans his way,

But the Lord directs his steps.

Proverbs 16:9

Vest: Thrifted

Shirt: Garage
Skirt: Reitnans
Boots: Forever 21 

I am currently at the library, studying. (Studying: writing up this blog!)

I've been aiming to get better grades than last semester, I ended with at 3.6 GPA .. whatever that means. I did better than I have in a really long time. I'm in the home stretch of my course, but I'm considering bridging over to a degree program (bachelor of commerce). I don't know yet though. My dad really wants me to, but it's hard. It would require me getting a loan and that freaks me out. I hate loans, I hate debt, I hate owing people anything. 

I've been thinking about it a lot though, really asking myself the questions of, "why do you want to do it?" 

Here's the real deal y'all (I'm Canadian, but sometimes I say y'all.. I don't know, don't judge me!) ...

I've lived my life a certain way for a really long time... I've always done what others have wanted me to do. I am, undoubtedly, a people pleaser. Now, if you know me personally, you're probably thinking, "uh, no you're not!" and you'd be right. I don't walk around wanting to please everyone, but I do want to please my parents and my brothers. This isn't a bad thing but it's also prevented me from taking risks that I otherwise would have. So, as I've pondered the question on why I want to study, I've come to this simple truth; I want to do it for me. I want to accomplish the one thing I thought I would my whole childhood; to prove to myself that I can and that I will., (Not completing school several times, has taken a toll on my ego and has caused me think that I am not as smart as I thought)

Yes, I have this plan and I'll do everything I need to do in order to accomplish it but sometimes life does not go as planned. God ultimately has the power over my life, all that I do is for HIS glory,  not mine.If for whatever reason, for whatever purpose, God leads me in a direction that is not what I planned, I am willing to follow it. The promise of hope, future and peace is enough for me. There is not greater call on my life than to follow JESUS

 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Jeremiah 29:1(NKJV)


I've got to confess...

I'm going to be honest with you. 

This mornings I woke up feeling all..

Ready to conquer the day! 
And than I found out that my crush has a girlfriend. 
He could have been the one! (joking)

My life has been a little overwhelming.
I don't seem to have enough time to do everything I want to.
I mean, ... 

That adequately describes how I feel I think.
My future is, well... not clear.
All I know is what I want to achieve this year. 

1. Be Healthy 
(Usually, I fail at this.)
Last year went like this.. 

But, I'm determined this year.
Might have to give up somethings. 

2. To Graduate.
(and possibly get into a degree program)
To finally get to walk across a stage ... 

3. To remain calm.
God has everything under control.
To learn to let go of the things that just don't work out. 

4. To completely love God.
In all that I do, may it be to bring honour to him. 

Gotta run.
I'm late for work ... (Yikes!)



Pretty In Pink | Beauty

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”
― Coco Chanel

Skirt: Old Navy
Sweater: Reitmans
Shoes: Le Chateau 

There is beauty in all things. Even in the ugliest of things, if you look just hard enough, there is beauty hidden in there somewhere. Keep looking. Don't let the ugly of the world change your perspective of your life. There is beauty hidden in there. Deep down, in the crevices of the situation. Some new form of life is being formed. Because, there is beauty somewhere in there. Even when the horizon is filled with dark clouds and pouring rain, there will come a moment where the rain must cease and the sun must peak through the clouds. And if you've turned your head or lowered your face into your hands, you'll miss it. The beauty that comes right after a great big thunderstorm. A promise will appear, waves of color from one end to another, as far as you can see. But if you're too busy looking at the darkness of the clouds, or have run inside for some shelter, you'll miss the beauty. The beauty peaking through the clouds. It might not be easy to stand in the rain, it might bring on sickness, fever and a cold, but that's nothing a coat and umbrella can't fix. If you just believe, with all of your heart, there is beauty somewhere in the corner of that situation. 

There is beauty in all things. Even in the hardest moments of your life, if you just look hard enough, there is beauty in there somewhere. Stay strong. Don't let the heartbreak build walls around your heart, life isn't about safety, but about the adventures you're willing to take. Behind that curtain that you've put up so nobody can hurt you again, there is a someone looking for a person just like you. They are ready to bulldoze through those walls, but if you're hiding behind the curtain, you won't see them working hard to make their way to you. There is beauty in this heartbreak, that will form you to be a better lover and friend. Where something has been burned down, there is something ready to grow. There is beauty in there somewhere, in the deepness of your pain, something beautiful is about to spring up. Like a flower in the spring. Ready to show it's beautiful petals after being covered in snow. Because there is beauty in all things.

And even if you can't see it, I see you. And you are as beautiful as that flower. And if you'll hold on for a little while, stay strong for a bit longer, you'll be the beauty in the midst of the ugly. Because no matter what you go through, if you don't let it ruin you but change you into exactly who you want to be, than every ugly thing has served a beautiful purpose. To make a beautiful you. And believe me, just like that flower, you are beautiful. And one day you'll be that beautiful thing, that someone holds on to when they believe that there is beauty in all things.


The Broken Road

It's incredibly hard to live in a world surrounded by married people... when you're single. Nobody understand you unless they too are single. I can imagine all the eye rolls and audible sighs that all the married people just let out. This is N-O-T a posting about how much I H-A-T-E being single or how L-O-N-E-L-Y I appear to be. This is about the path I am currently on, and how I've come to appreciate it.

A couple years ago, I cried myself to sleep because the loneliness consumed me. I didn't know what else to do. Every person has different advice.. "wait on the Lord, he will provide." "Lose a little bit of weight!" "Enjoy being single, cause when you're married you can't do anything!" "Stop being so picky" "Have you prayed about it?" "Keep the faith!" "You're still so young" and the worst one.. "You just need to put yourself out there!"


I have realized one thing and that is that I can't force time to move quicker. That I can't change who I am in a day and that if I am not happy with me, that I won't be happy with him. That I am N-O-T incomplete. I am thankful for this road I'm on, because it's allowed me to grow -- grow in knowledge, in strength, in love, and into my own skin. I appreciate my little quirks and imperfections more than I did when I was 18. I have a committment to being the best I can be, not to impress, but to make this world a much better place. And even with all the bumps on the road disguised as a broken heart, or the cracks on the pavement that holds the memories of past loves .. or the winding road that made me dizzy with fear of failure .. there has always been the reflection of the setting sun, where I remembered my deepest dreams; the spontaneous trips that led to self discovery or the straight and narrow path that has been perfecting my attitudes and perspectives... I am thankful for this broken road. I am thankful for the nightly roadtrips from one place to another, where I felt like I couldn't hold on any longer. Where my eyeslids felt heavy from the tears that I'd cry. I am thankful for the road that was only lit by the light of the moon, because it always held the promise of the rising sun-- the promise of something new. I am thankful for the view  on the side of the road of the fields covered in early morning dew, the rays of the sun making it hard to see, whispering that it was a brand new start. I am thankful for this road, because it's leading me straight to him.


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